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All About Viewing and Accepting Financial Aid

Students receive a financial aid package if they file the FAFSA and are determined to be eligible for financial aid, or if they are awarded scholarships. This article demonstrates the process for viewing financial aid information online through the Student Center. If you are an admitted student who has not yet paid your acceptance fee, choose the “Future Students” tab, then the “Financial Aid Status” link, and then proceed with the log-in information used to access your Applicant Center.

For new or continuing students, log in to your Student Center using your username and password, which is the same as what is used to access your university email. Then, under the “Finances” section of your Student Center homepage, choose the “View Financial Aid” link. From here, admitted, new or continuing students will proceed in the same manner. Choose the aid year you would like to view; a description of each aid year can be found in the right column. For this example, I’ll choose 2016.

To Do List

Here we see that I’ve been directed to my To Do List for the 2016 aid year. Some items will include due dates, and it is important that those items are completed by the date listed. The status of each item begins as “Incomplete” and will move to “Received” and finally “Completed” as it is processed. Any additional action required will appear under “Comments.” The next tab, SFA Status, shows your eligibility for the financial aid year you have selected. First, you’ll see any applications you have submitted and the date they were received.

This next box, “Cost of Education,” shows your estimated cost of attendance, the expected family contribution, and financial aid need for the aid year. These terms are explained in detail at SFA website. The last box titled “Satisfactory academic progress” or SAP Eligibility Information shows your status as it pertains to keeping your aid eligibility. SAP denotes a student’s successful completion of coursework that is applied to a certificate or degree program and regulations require that all students who receive the benefit of federal assistance must maintain SAP. Click the “See SAP Policy” link in the GPA section for more information.

Award Summary

The final tab, Award Summary, lists all of the financial aid you could receive for the year and is also broken down by the term. Note that Ohio State assumes you will be enrolled full time when awarding financial aid. If you do not enroll full time, your financial aid eligibility is subject to change. The “Aid Year” box shows the types of financial aid awarded to you and the amount offered and accepted for the year. All scholarships and grants are automatically accepted on your behalf since you don’t have to pay those back but you must decide the amount of the loans or federal work-study to accept for the year. If you are financially dependent, you will also see an amount listed below the “Aid Year” box for Parent PLUS Loan Eligibility. This is the amount that a parent is eligible to apply for through the Parent PLUS Loan application process.

Click the green “Accept/Decline Awards” button to accept or decline awards not automatically accepted. You can accept any eligible aid by checking the box in the “Accept” column next to the award. Again, you can see that scholarships and grants have already been accepted for you. If you check the Accept box, you will then have the opportunity to accept an amount less than the total award by editing the amount the Accepted column. Once you have finalized your financial aid award, select the green “update totals” button. After verifying that the total amount of financial aid is correct, select the green “Submit” button to save your award selections. A final confirmation will appear and ask you to verify it by selecting “OK. ” To verify that everything was properly submitted, select “Return to Award Summary” at the bottom of the page to return to the award summary page.

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