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Deleting Student Loans From Credit Report

Deleting Student Loans

I know there are some programs out there to say that you can get credit reports. I mean student loans removed from your credit report and you know they may use some drill drastic measures but I’m going to give you a little bit just coming up with a history of why so challenging to get student loans off your credit report. Alright now one the credit reporting agencies or credit bureaus what I’m going to call them are our for-profit companies. Alright they are in this business for profit so they get paid when things are added to the credit report, they get paid when your credit is pulled, and they get paid when negatives are there because that it’s all connected.

They’re connected to the financial institutions and everything they’re all for-profit company. So the more they can keep your credit down the more money to get paid because if you ever have to go get credit right and your credit is not so becoming and the place is still may give you credit. Well what’s going to be high is your interest rate. Everything is higher when your credit is not so good so when you have something like student loans on your credit report. Alright it is one of the biggest bills on your credit report. I mean everybody’s student loans are going to be in the thousands because the student loans are so much all right and they have so much weight in and you know student loan debt just goes on forever and ever and ever.

It’s one of the hardest things that get removed because they hold so much waste financially for the credit reporting agencies are you ever wonder why you know certain things. Did you know they let it go up to seven years or ten years but student loan debt last 20 30 years. Why is that? Well, that’s because it holds so much weight and it means so much more money to the credit reporting agencies and that’s why they go from the US Department of Education over the nation, over the greater lakes or whatever it ends up. It’s a huge amount but the student loan debt is still a trade line on your credit report about how you look at it. It’s still alone and it’s still an unverified loan. Now there are two types of credit. Its 2002 loans you have the loans like we go Public to the loans where you get from the US Department of Education and sometimes they under that navient.

I really do not like navient by the way. So you have that right then you have private student loans. Now private student loans are extremely challenging because most times privates to promise to those. They keep their stuff really together, they keep it together and most times it is verified. They do everything need to do in order to make sure they get their money back but they register the loans most times. They’re just like every other trade line on your credit report. They are unverified, physical documentation with your signature on it is not sent to the credit reporting. Credit repair programs that work in Atlanta Ga, credit repair programs that work in Columbus.

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Alright now it may take more than four rounds to get the student loan removed. You may have to go through all four rounds and then start over again but you can continue to dispute it because what it is still a trade line that is unverified on your credit report. No matter how you look at it. I care about the amount and it still it still falls into the category of unverified accounts on your credit report so what you’re going to do is just keep fighting and keep fighting and keep sending letters, keep disputing it, don’t give up but here’s the thing about it is that if it took 12 rounds or what have you if you can get those things deleted your credit would be in a much better position.

12 rounds maybe in a year, eight rounds maybe eight months, four hours before months it doesn’t matter keep going until either the law changes or the credit rating agency can send you verification from their office that this is yours, keep your speed and keep disputing until one day it is a race or the law is changed alright keep going so that’s like you get students removed from your credit report. Now remember there’s two kind of record student loans you have private, privates are living more challenging or a lot more challenging because they really keep their stuff together. They may even send verification to the credit reporting agencies but even if it is private dispute it anyway doesn’t matter.

The FCRA Fair Credit Reporting Act section 609 says that they must show you fear a verified education. I mean verified documentation and the verification piece is the application whatever application you filled out, that is a verification piece that is supposed to be sent to them but 999 percent of time it is not sent. So keep disputing the reasons why it’s so challenging because of the amounts it’s a large amount and it weighs heavy for their income.

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