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University to End Student Loans

End Student Loans

While student loan debt continues to be a massive financial burden for various students throughout the country. The brown university is trying to do its part to lessen that financial burden and the way they are doing it is restructuring their financial aid packages to exclude loans. In fact, they want to replace loans with grants that will be funded by Monday that they fundraise to the tune of $30 million.

They plan to continue fundraising so this program can remain sustainable, but it will not only impact those from working-class communities but also middle-class individuals who could also stand to benefit from not having to take out student loans to get a decent education. This is a common problem that a lot of students face their parents will make a little too much money, a little tiny bit too much money to qualify for student aid and so as a result, they have to take out the loans to help them pay their tuition but under this program, those people would also get the help necessary to avoid taking out these loans. I think it’s such a great idea I’m really happy that Brad is doing it and it goes beyond brown because look, all these other colleges, and universities want to compete with one another to enroll the best and the brightest and if Brown is doing this program. Well, they are going to attract some of the best and the brightest because of the affordability.

A really good thing that Brown is doing bless their hearts I read a good news story I’m sure brown does other good things I meant it. Do you want to know why? Because I’m needlessly bitter at brown because I didn’t get you are crazy after all these years I’m stalling onto that garage it was their loss it was, it was. You had no idea what you lost anyway, seriously, it is a great program and at first I panicked a little bit about their taking way loans and then I was like, replacing them with scholarships, a great because if you can’t afford and they are like now we’re not going to loan either, get out but no, they are doing opposite.

They are doing opposite as I said, they intend on raising more money so they want to raise another $90 million so this program can remain sustainable but it seems as though so many people are fired up about the student loan issue that there are people willing to donate and so this is, in my opinion, a great cause and anything we can do to lessen that financial burden for students and encourage them to get a higher education. We should be in favor of it, support it, which provided I do know that about education? A little too much love, it’s a great development America and I have a family member who had to leave a college that he loved because he couldn’t afford it. The loans would’ve been outrageously high so development like this is a good step in the right direction at the end of the day what we want is a college for all.

That wouldn’t apply to brown, it’s a private university, but if you have a great kid who is working super hard, they cannot afford college, we should make that accessible through public universities and we have some great public universities in this country and why shouldn’t your kids have the same access to the American dream as rich kids do? Good step here from private universities like brown but let’s do college for all for everybody.

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